Club Race Meeting Format


We encourage everyone to race, and our club has a diverse age (and skill!) range. Drivers can get competitive but we try to make sure everyone is treated fairly and gets a good race.

Depending on entries, there are often two or three groups of each class which allows everyone to race with others their ability in the finals.

We will normally run 3 qualifying heats and 1 or 2 finals for each class depending on numbers. Race meetings start at around 10.00am on a Sunday although this varies during the year so check on the race calendar or homepage for up to date information.

Rules to observe when racing at a Club Meeting

  • If you race then you must marshall the race after yours
  • Before your transmitter can be turned on you MUST have the peg corresponding to your frequency from the peg board (located next to the rostrum steps) – this does not apply if you use a 2.4GHz system
  • Generators should be placed on the far side of the track, near the woods

Race Fees

Race fees are paid to the Race Director (in Race Control) during the sign in time at the beginning of the meeting.

Club members pay £5 for adults and £3 for juniors (15 and under).
Non members pay £12 and £6 for adults and juniors respectively.