Classes Raced

1:10 scale Electric Touring Cars

  • 17.5T ‘Blinky’.
  • 13.5T  ‘Boosted’
  • Minimum weight Limit 1350g and all other specs to BRCA rules for electric TC
  • Any rubber slick tyre allowed, but for Championships only Sorex brand to BRCA rules allowed.

1:10 Scale Nitro Touring Cars meeting BRCA rules (both Touring and GT classes).

We will also run a class for bikes if there are sufficient entrants on the day.

Other classes of 1:10 scale vehicles (eg F1 and Tamiya Minis for example) may be catered for if there are at least 5 racers in that class, i.e. there are enough drivers that can then marshal the next heat, and any time pressures for the day allow an additional class to be run. If you want to run another class, please contact the committee before the meeting to give a “heads up” to the organisers.

Unfortunately we do not run classes for Large Scale or 1:8 Nitro cars at our club meetings.