Club Championship Rules

The Club Championship is run throughout the year for all members of Cotswold Model Car Club. The classes are:

Electric Ready-to-Run Cars
17.5T ‘Blinky’ Touring Cars
13.5T ‘Boosted’ Touring Cars
1:10 I.C. (200mm Touring Cars & 220mm GT)

General Rules

1. Only Cotswold Model Car Club members qualify for the Club Championship.
2. Each club meeting will feature qualifying rounds & 2 finals. Drivers can score a maximum of 100 points in each final depending on finishing position (i.e. 1st position scores 100 points, 2nd scores 99 and so on)
3. Scoring rounds are calculated on the ‘Half + 1’ principle. For 2015 there are 13 club meetings, so 7 club meetings will count towards the driver’s score.
4. Drivers must race at least 7 club meetings in order to qualify for the Club Championship.

Construction Rules

Electric Ready-to-Run Cars

5. Cars should be ‘box stock’, i.e. the mechanical and electrical/electronic components of the car should be as they came in the purchased kit. No ‘hop-ups’ are allowed unless in the opinion of the club’s committee they enhance the car’s reliability. Allowed hop-ups and other allowed aftermarket parts such as batteries will be published here as the class develops.

Electric Touring Cars

6. Cars should be 1:10 scale, 4WD, with a maximum 190mm track width. LiPo batteries should be 2S hardcase packs. Bodyshells should be 1:10 scale ‘Touring Car’ bodyshells (e.g. Mazdaspeed 6, LTC-R, Blitz GSF, etc).

7. 17.5T ‘Blinky’ Touring Cars – must use a 17.5T brushless motor, and must not use any form of ESC timing (‘Blinky’ mode). Physical motor timing is allowed.
8. 13.5T ‘Boosted’ Touring Cars – must use a 13.5T brushless motor. ESC and motor timing are allowed.

1:10 I.C. (200mm Touring Cars & 220mm GT) cars

9. Cars should generally conform to the BRCA construction rules for 1:10 I.C. Circuit cars.