Camping Info

Please note the following rules:

  • Camping and caravans are not allowed at the circuit on a Friday night before a Sunday event, with the exception of:
    • BRCA 1:8 I.C.
    • BRCA 1:10 I.C.
    • BRCA Bikes
    • BRCA Electric Touring Cars
  • This means the following events do NOT offer Friday camping/caravans:
    • BRCA Clubman’s
    • Schumacher BTCC
    • SICC
  • Use of generators restricted to one specific area
  • No car parking outside our designated area (no parking on the road to the west of the track)
  • Camping/caravanning area is to be arranged in accordance with airfield requirements (see below)

Click on the image below to read the Rules for Camping & Caravanning or click here to download a PDF of the Rules.